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Wholesale Staff Accommodation Furniture Supplier In UAE

The hospitality industry requires a strong team of staff members to ensure that your establishment is up and running. Since the customer always remains the top priority in this sector, you need a team of highly professional and efficient members working round the clock to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

Most hotels, lodges, and inns come with their own staff accommodations where the core team of workers can stay and relax in between shifts and provide all the services required by the guests efficiently.

If you are running a business where you need to provide for the necessities of your staff members, you will need a staff accommodation furniture supplier in UAE who knows exactly what you need and can give you the same within an affordable price range.

We at The Vega Turnkey Project LLC understand how important it is for your business to keep your staff members happy and content. With the help of our highly skilled experts, designers, etc, and a very efficient manufacturing unit, we bring a series of staff accommodation furniture and other items of daily use that would definitely make you the best boss in the world!

We are not only known as one of the leadingstaff accommodation furniture suppliers in UAE but also have earned worldwide fame thanks to our products and services that are bound to woo our clients.

Starting from heavy-duty bunk beds and lockers to finer needs like water bottles, shoe shining, and polishing machines, where you will get anything and everything you are looking for.

One of our most popular products includes bunk beds for your staff members that are available in several different cities across the United Arab Emirates including the likes of Dubai, Sharjah, Oman, Ajman, Ras Al-Khaimah, Kuwait, and Qatar to name a few.

Our 6-door and 4-tiered lockers have also been appreciated and massively utilized in the top location across the globe which makes us a name and a brand that you can trust.

What Are The Products That We Make At The Vega Turnkey Project LLC?

Our extensive range of staff accommodation furniture in the UAE has already won many hearts and still continues to do so. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale stuff accommodation furniture, here’s a quick guide to all our products.

Steel Lockers:

Lockers and cabinets are an absolute necessity for any individual and your staff members are no exception to the rule. They need a place to keep their personal belongings and keep them safe. With our heavy-duty lockers, you can rest assured every single piece or article owned by your staff is in the safest place possible.

As the best staff accommodation furniture supplier in UAE region, we manufacture Executive Metal Lockers, Domestic Steel Cabinets, Multi-tiered lockers, 6-door lockers, and wooden cupboards.

Bunk Beds:

One of our most popular products includes bunk beds for wholesale staff accommodation furniture. Since many times, two or more personnel must share a room, especially during the peak seasons, bunk beds can solve the issue of space and room availability in seconds.

We have all types of options that one might be interested in — steel bunk beds, wooden bunk beds, heavy-duty bunk beds, and more.

The best part about our furniture is its safety factor which is why all the bunk beds come with sturdy railings and a ladder so that the sleepers do not fall off or get hurt while using our product.

Medicated Mattresses:

The Vega Turnkey Project LLC not only dabbles in Bunk beds and lockers but also in the domain of extremely comfortable and easy-to-use medicated mattresses. In fact, as a part of our Wholesale staff accommodation furniture, we have several different types and ranges of mattresses each with its own unique perks.

You can purchase single-bed mattresses and medicated mattresses in bulk and save up on the overall investment by a huge margin. You could also opt for our medicated mattresses which are specially designed to help your staff members get a good night’s rest before another day of catering to guests and keeping them happy.

Plastic Chairs And Buckets:

While beds, cabinets, lockers, etc are living essentials there are other items of daily use that you need to provide for your clients. As one of the topstaff accommodation furniture suppliers in UAE, we design and manufacture plastic chairs, mops, and buckets whose quality is guaranteed by the professionals in the field. Not only are our mops and buckets extremely long-lasting and durable, but our chairs are also sturdy in build and will keep your staff members comfortable. You can also choose to order w single buckets without a mop wholesale from The Vega Turnkey Project LLC.

Sofa Sets And Office Tables:

Your workforce needs something to keep themselves going throughout the day and make every wish of the esteemed guests come true. With our sofa sets and office tables, your staff pool will get a chance to sit down and relax in between shifts and replenish their energy.

The biggest advantage of buying your sofa sets and office and conference tables from us aka the best staff accommodation furniture supplier in UAE is that you can cut down on the overall expenditure by ordering the required items in bulk or wholesale.

Shoe Shining And Polishing Machines:

Every member of your staff needs to look prim and proper to create a good impression on the guests. Polished shoes, ironed clothes, and a well-groomed appearance of the servers can take your establishment to the next level and we at The Vega Turnkey Projects LLC aim at doing exactly that with our shoe polishing and shoe shining machines.

If you are planning on buying wholesale for your business, we are here to help you through every step of the way. So staff accommodation furniture drop in at our official website and get a concrete idea of the different products we sell and manufacture. Or pick up your phone and contact us for more information and we will be happy to help.

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