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Safety Shoe Suppliers in UAE

Safety Shoe Suppliers in UAE

GDS are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Safety Shoe Suppliers in UAE. We are offering Cost Effective Steel Toe Safety Shoes at best price.

Golden Dolphin Supplies had a dream to begin the assembling of wellbeing and armed force footwear in Dubai. We are resolved to fabricate the world class item in UAE with help of world’s most recent innovation, utilizing best quality crude material and condition of craftsmanship workmanship.

Safety Shoe Supplier in UAE


Our creation innovation is overseen by DESMA Germany, with their ultra-present day hardware for making direct Injection PU shoes. The machines are completely programmed and robot controlled with a specific end goal to keep up the flawlessness in each combine. Our items are best grid of most recent innovation solace and ergonomics to fulfill the requirements of all our esteemed accomplices.


We are occupied with offering shoes as well as continually attempting to comprehend the desire and need of our accomplice keeping in mind the end goal to persistently enhance ourselves and offer the best shoes to a definitive clients. This can offer the best solace as well as most extreme wellbeing and fascination.


Our deals and calculated group is sufficiently gifted to convey the best thing at opportune place.


In a synopsis we endeavor to make each combine of shoes actually as we need to wear the same and we attempt to make our desire as a client, this gives the individual touch to our items.


We esteem our relationship with our accomplices and in this way separated from the item we additionally need to offer the administrations at your doorsteps.


Security shoes (Safety Boots and Footwears ) are intended to mind and ensure feet against a broad assortment of damage and wounds of representatives over all enterprises. The regular sort of foot damage is broken feet, removals of toes or feet, Punctures of the underside of the foot, cuts, consumes, electrical stuns and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The dangers vary as indicated by the working environment and ventures. Assortment of feet wounds avert by legitimate footwear.


As one of the biggest makers of Safety Shoes in Dubai, UAE, Golden Dolphin Supplies assume a noteworthy job in securing the feet of the world’s laborers. Golden Dolphin Supplies is the sole wholesaler and stockiest of Safety Shoes in Dubai . Being one of the main modern security footwear makers and provider in Europe and Asia. Steadily walking in the present aggressive market, we are perceived as one of the eminent security shoes maker and providers in UAE. The scope of shoes is built utilizing prevalent quality materials that are sourced from dependable and confirmed merchants of the business. METAL’s disperses quality wellbeing shoes for development, mining, oil and assembling ventures all through Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Europe.


Speaking to an incredible mix of specialized development and expertise, GDS security shoes are powerful and dependable which enable its laborer to work with a one of a kind certainty and solace. Fabricated to meet security gauges (European Safety Norms) , GDS modern wellbeing shoes are created utilizing real cowhide uppers and direct infusion P.U soles. It is accessible in two sorts – low lower leg and high lower leg plans.


The Vega Turnkey Products Supplies driving Brands, which are most prevalent on the planet right now are VOGUE, HUNTER, ECHO, ECHO AND BOLT. The nature of these shoes are overwhelmingly acknowledged by all the renowned organizations in UAE and Middle East.

Features of Safety Shoe Suppliers in UAE

  • Durable


  • Quality Tested


  • Genuine Leather


  • Polyurethane Outsole


  • Steel/composite Toe Cap.


  • Antistatic insole


  • Steel/Kevlar Mid Plate

Types of Safety Shoes

Wearing the right footwear is exceptionally basic when utilized in occupations that require a specific measure of wellbeing. Insurance of the feet can diminish and keep any sort of damage that could happen. Wellbeing shoes and footwear is vital and makes a more secure and better workplace. Such shoes ought to be strong and solid and should keep the feet shielded from any damage or mishaps.

Most people today, tend to look past these actualities and purchase less expensive and low quality shoes, as they trust that costly wellbeing shoes are awkward. Anyway numerous makers everywhere throughout the world have uncommonly composed and made shoes that give insurance as well as that are moderate and agreeable to wear. There are various assortments of security footwear that are accessible today Let us investigate the diverse sorts of wellbeing footwear for various occupation jobs.

Security toed shoes

This is an extremely normal kind of security footwear that is found with a unique covering around the toe zone that is topped with an uncommon material to guard the toes from dangerous mischances and setbacks. Individuals who work in production lines and factories and spots where overwhelming modern materials and hardware are being dealt with consistently more often than not wear these. Foot mischances can occur at whenever subsequently it is extremely fundamental for workers to wear legitimate security toed shoes.

Steel insole shoes

Utilizing steel additions to help in keeping the foot shielded from regular joint issues extraordinarily makes these shoes. Those individuals, who are utilized to ride bicycles, push pedals and drive overwhelming trucks would experience the ill effects of such foot issues. These shoes help in keeping the foot settled and keeps it from moving and moving around excessively, thusly averting joint and bone issues. It is likewise a standout amongst the most agreeable wellbeing footwear.

Metal Instep footwear

Wellbeing footwear guarantees that the feet are kept shielded from every outward damage, mischances and destructive articles. This sort of security footwear has been planned exceptionally to shield and protect the feet from sharp and pointy objects like nails, glass pieces and other metal articles. Individuals who work in expansive modern industrial facilities that need to do with produce of hardware, glass objects and so forth more often than not wear these security shoes. It helps keeping these sharp questions from infiltrating to the feet, causing damage or mischief.

Metatarsal Shoes

These shoes are exceptional wellbeing shoes that have been particularly planned and made to secure the upper piece of the foot and bones. It decreases and keeps wounds from mischances and accidents that can happen because of substantial gear falling or dropping down on the feet. Otherwise called “drop dangers” these security shoes are made to ensure the feet inside and additionally remotely. It defends the toe region also. These are normally worn in building destinations or occupations that include lifting of substantial gear and machines.

Electric peril shoes

Representatives that work with power, circuits, wiring and high voltage machines and gadgets, extraordinarily wear this sort of footwear. They are extraordinarily made with a sole that decreases the capability of any worker accepting an electric stun when presented to high voltage circuits and power. Electric risks are most normal and can cause demise, subsequently one must guarantee he or she wears these wellbeing shoes while at work.

Importance of Wearing Safety Shoes

Insurance from Falling Objects

On the off chance that your work expects you to convey overwhelming items or you work in a place where there is a great deal of substantial apparatus, vehicles and power instruments, mischances can happen. On the off chance that you wear steel toe boots, your toes will be ensured on the off chance that one of these items falls on your toes.

Cutting and Puncture Protection

Do you work in a domain where there are sharp questions around? In the event that that is the situation, you’ll require hard core shoes with thick materials and toe security. Building locales are great models of this, so you’ll require defensive shoes here.

Logging boots and hard core work boots are outlined with sliced safe material to ensure your feet. These shoes are additionally waterproof, give lower leg insurance and have water repellant properties.

Shield from Electrical Currents

Different reasons we require wellbeing work boot is for electrical insurance. Power conveys a considerable measure of potential dangers, for example, stun. Laborers without security shoes could likewise experience the ill effects of electricity produced via friction gathering, creating flashes.

You can diminish this plausibility by wearing security shoes with non-conductive properties. Elastic, cowhide and different materials are great decisions as they don’t direct power. Defensive wellbeing shoes, conductive footwear or those with against static properties are fundamental in the event that you work in places where there is a ton of potential static development. For whatever length of time that you wear these shoes, it will chop down the static that will develop in your body.

Avert Falls, Trips and Slips

Slips, stumbling and falls can happen in any working environment, bringing about wounds. As a representative you can secure yourself by wearing wellbeing shoes or boots to the working environment. In case you’re a business, having your specialists wear security shoes will furnish them with the assurance they require.

Weariness Protection

Safe shoes are perfect for laborers who invest hours on concrete and other hard surfaces. Strolling or remaining on those surfaces actuates weariness. Your feet endures a great deal of weight as do your back and legs. The circumstance declines in the event that you don’t wear the security shoes.

By wearing wellbeing shoes, weakness will be lessened. You’ll feel more great as they give padding and in addition bolster for your curve. There are diverse kinds of work boots, however what the great ones offer in like manner is their capacity to make your feet feel more good.

Security shoes decrease pressure and muscle strain, in addition to they additionally fortify your muscles and make you less defenseless against weakness. The muscle security offered by these shoes likewise gives insurance to your legs, knees and lower back. At the end of the day, wellbeing shoes accomplish something other than secure your feet.

How They Protect You During Work

Security shoes can ensure you in various routes relying upon their outline. A standout amongst the best ways they can do this is by enhancing footing, or grasp. The better footing a shoe has, the more improbable you will slip or fall. On the off chance that you work in an elusive domain, the more this will be essential.

A very much planned combine of shoes likewise gives parity and solace. These are the sorts of shoes that secure you while climbing steps. A great deal of mischances including steps are because of low quality footwear, which is the reason security shoes are an unquestionable requirement.

Advantages of Wear Safety Shoe

Here’s the brief and pointed lowdown on the 5 fundamental advantages of wellbeing shoes at work environments.

#1. Counteractive action from Slips and Falls

Unanticipated slips, stumbling or falls are untoward occurrences that can occur in any work environment bringing about a lot of mishaps every year. Numerous organizations can depend on making strides like defining stringent housekeeping measures and introducing hostile to slip floor tapes to radically decrease any dangers presented by these setbacks. In any case, there is no option in contrast to legitimate wellbeing footwear that gives extra insurance against excursions, falls, and slips. Shoes with a decent measure of footing can diminish grating and help avoid falls in elusive situations.

They likewise help keep tumbles from steps, which are typical particularly when individuals don’t wear shoes with legitimate treads on them. There are a few presumed brands, for example, Karam, Liberty,etc. that offer great arrangements on solid and study wellbeing shoes.

#2. Insurance against consumes

Risky consumes from modern fires can happen at any working environment, so can consumes from synthetic substances and materials like concrete, and so forth. Security footwear produced using solid, tough materials can keep terrible consumes from compound sprinkles, metal sprinkles and different perilous substances that could harm the skin on the feet/hands or some other piece of the body.

#3. Keeping feet warm in outrageous climate

In a few places, a cruel cool climate can clear approach to wounds, for example, ice nibbles and hypothermia, and these perils shouldn’t be ignored. Representatives working outside amid the unforgiving harsh winters are in danger, alongside workers who work in a refrigerated situation. Keeping the feet warm and agreeable related to a huge number of different measures is in this manner, extremely relevant in a working environment.

#4. Oppose Fatigue

Weariness can be a noteworthy pestering issue for specialists who stand throughout the day, particularly on hard surfaces like cement. Muscles in the feet, the legs, back and other critical parts of the body can become tired, particularly when the workers don’t wear proper footwear. Intelligent security shoes give a happy with padding to the lower legs and adjusted curve bolster that can make individuals more open to easing any pointless strain on muscles bringing about less exhausted representatives. This perspective encourages them to be more alarm on their activity and enables them to carry out their occupations securely and all the more proficiently.

#5. Friend in need against electrical dangers

As we as a whole know, power represents a plenty of dangers in the working environment. Specialists are inclined to potential electric stuns from short circuits, and so forth. To diminish the likelihood of an electrical mischance, footwear produced using cowhide, elastic or different materials that are terrible conduits of power can be worn. These precautionary measures essentially decrease the risk presented by stripped wires, loops, great conveyors of power, and so on.

The most effective method to Choose Your Shoes

Footwear must be picked dependent on the dangers at your site. For instance, in the event that you work in a place where you might be in danger of falling items, picking a boot dependent on lower leg bolster isn’t tending to the suitable hazard. Steel-toe work boots are an incredible and customary assurance for a few risks on various work destinations, however would they say they are the correct decision for you? Setting aside the additional opportunity to ensure you know exactly what you need could improve things greatly.

ASTM F2413, Standard Specification for Performance Requirements for Protective (Safety) Toe Cap Footwear, covers least necessities for the plan, execution, testing and arrangement of defensive footwear. Footwear affirmed as meeting ASTM F2413 should initially meet the necessities for effect and pressure obstruction. At that point the prerequisites of extra segments, for example, metatarsal assurance, conductive security, electric risk opposition, static dissipative insurance and insurance against punctures can be met.

Here are probably the most successive potential dangers that require foot PPE. Investigate and see which shoes are made in view of those perils. You can likewise utilize our wellbeing shoe determination manual for help recognize shoes for your work needs.

Electrical Hazards

Electrical risk boots are a basic bit of PPE for anybody working around power. This could be an electrical specialist or somebody who works around circuits or high voltage apparatus. This footwear is produced with non-conductive, electrical stun safe bottoms and rear areas. These sorts of shoes keep the laborer from finishing an electrical circuit; this can lessen the shot of electric shock.


In the event that you work around explosives or other exceptionally responsive or combustible substances, you will probably require electrically conductive shoes. Electrically conductive work footwear keeps the development of friction based electricity on the laborer. Without this safeguard, static development on your body could undoubtedly create a start that could cause a fire or blast. Silk, fleece and nylon socks ought not be worn in this kind of workplace or with this sort of shoe, as those materials will probably deliver static too.

Cutting tools

Working with cutting tools, or some other pivoting sharp edges make defensive footwear totally fundamental. Cut-safe cutting apparatus boots (and other cut-safe attire) can counteract genuine wounds despite a mischance including a cutting tool. These are produced using particular materials that make a defensive hindrance from turning sharp edges.

Falling Objects

On the off chance that you are in danger of falling things, you will without a doubt need wellbeing toe boots. These are boots that have a topping over the toe territory for security. These toe cappings were generally made of steel, henceforth steel-toed boots. In any case, now they are additionally accessible in composite materials.

Sharp Objects

Sharp questions on the floor represent a working environment peril. Sharp protests, similar to nails or screws, can cut through the bottoms of customary shoes and harm your foot. Cut safe footwear incorporates a steel or composite plate situated inside the padded sole to shield from the perils of venturing on sharp and spiked articles.

Moving Objects or Machines

Some work footwear has extra security along the metatarsal area (the highest point of your foot). On the off chance that you have ever dropped anything on the highest point of your foot, you realize the amount it can hurt. Metatarsal boots are useful for workplaces where moving items or machines present a hazard. Any activity that includes substantial apparatus, overwhelming burdens, or perilous conditions can require the utilization of metatarsal boots.


Working in chilly conditions implies dressing to keep warm, and your shoes are no special case to this. Protected work boots are an unquestionable requirement on the off chance that you work outside or are presented to other cool conditions. Feet not legitimately protected against the cool are in threat of frostbite and other chilly related dangers.


Water-safe cowhide boots are a well known decision when working in wet conditions where dampness is an issue. Working outside means being presented to components, and quite often puts you at a hazard for getting wet. Keeping your feet dry secures them against the cool. Water-safe footwear secures against form, decay and organism development.

Dangerous Surfaces

Slip-safe shoes are required for an expansive assortment of enterprises. Social insurance specialists, kitchen laborers, hold up staff, mechanical specialists, assembly line laborers—the rundown is nearly endless.Slip-safe shoes accompany a sole that diminishes the smoothness that can cause a fall or mischance.

Liquid Metals

Working with liquid metals presents gigantic dangers. Foundry shoes are made particularly for these kinds of occupations. These are intended to protect against the outrageous warmth of this sort of condition. They keep hot metals from getting stopped into the shoe’s eyelets. They likewise as often as possible accompany a simple slip-off structure if there should arise an occurrence of consume caused by a liquid metal sprinkle.

A Few More Things about Work Footwear

Obviously, there are a couple of more factors to think about when purchasing the correct work footwear. You should ensure you feel bolstered in your curve and lower leg, and that you can stand and move in them serenely. You will likewise need to make certain they fit well; a baggy shoe can be a work risk itself. Continuously ensure the footwear you pick coordinates the rules set by your organization, and for the kind of work you do. Ensure your feet well—they’re all you must remain on!

  • Toe top

Contingent upon the kind of footwear, different toe tops are accessible which meet distinctive least necessities. A defensive toe top on security footwear must withstand test vitality of 200 J under a drop test and 15 kN in a static weight test. A sum of 100 J or 10 kN are obligatory for defensive shoes, while word related shoes don’t require tops. Steel, aluminum and plastic tops are at present all utilized in wellbeing footwear, with a similar least necessities for all materials. For instance, a plastic top is utilized in our uvex 1 territory. The benefits of this are twofold: right off the bat, plastic tops are lighter than metal ones and, furthermore, they permit an absolutely without metal shoe to be fabricated. This angle is especially imperative in specific zones, for instance in airplane terminals.

  • Upper material

Notwithstanding an arrangement of cowhide types (smooth, nubuck and part calfskin), materials and manufactured materials are additionally utilized. For instance, our uvex 1 territory highlights smaller scale velour. The distinctive qualities decide the utilization of the particular materials for different applications. These incorporate, however are not constrained to: breathability, non-slip, water porousness, weight, value, sensitivity hazard, warm conductivity, imperviousness to fire and cleanability. For instance, small scale velour is significantly more breathable than either smooth or nubuck calfskin, though cowhide performs fairly better as far as strength.

  • Lining material

The shoe fixing is in direct contact with the foot inside the shoe. The coating material along these lines satisfies critical assignments, for example, ensuring breathability, water vapor penetrability and retention, atmosphere control and fast drying limit, and large amounts of rub and scraped spot obstruction. Also, it should feel good for the wearer. Different materials are likewise utilized for this reason: calfskin, materials, thermo-controlling material materials and layers.

  • Heel top

With the end goal to offer the most ideal security against going over on the lower leg and to encourage a charming fit, the back of the shoe highlights what is known as a foot rear area top. This can be produced using card, pleather, thermoplastic thwart or thermoplastic elastic. Molding the outsole is additionally conceivable, which would then supplant the foot sole area top inside the shoe. As the image appears, the uvex 1 includes the last mentioned. The upsides of these framed tops are in the anatomic foot sole area plan and predictable quality.

  • Padding

The neckline and tongue zone are delicately padded. This aides uniformly disseminate the weight created from the binding framework over the instep and to enhance wearer comfort at the pole. It is imperative to utilize delicate, yielding materials, especially in the territory encompassing the Achilles ligament, to stay away from aggravation.

  • Lacing

The shoe cross-area demonstrates the versatile binding framework. This has the upside of being snappy and simple to affix, remaining set up throughout the day without waiting be retightened. The versatile bands additionally offer more prominent adaptability through the span of the day as they grow if the feet swell up, which facilitates weight. Notwithstanding versatile quick binding frameworks, more customary shoelaces are additionally normal in security footwear.

  • Removable insoles

A removable insole is fitted over the insole. Contingent upon the plan of the removable insole, this gives extra stun retention at the rear area or front of the foot, and in addition a fractional help for the curve of the foot. The removable insole is breathable, guaranteeing that any moistness and dampness are expelled from the shoe. It has a lovely, non-chafing surface structure and dries rapidly. An extensive variety of materials can likewise be utilized, including froths and non-woven materials.

  • Insole

The insole shapes an association between the pole and the sole. To the extent materials are concerned, mash strands, cowhide or non-woven materials can be utilized. The insole’s standard capacity is to guarantee contact opposition, while moreover expelling dampness and empowering the shoe to dry rapidly. The non-woven insole supported by uvex is likewise pH nonpartisan, skin-accommodating and exceeds expectations through steady antistatic properties.

  • Outsole

Outsoles are normally produced using polyurethane (PUR), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and elastic (nitrile elastic). These materials can be separated by their qualities. With the end goal to pick security footwear that offers the best insurance for a specific region of utilization, these attributes ought to be considered. We utilize PUR in both the padded sole and outsole for our uvex 1 territory, which is specifically infusion formed to the pole in an extraordinary procedure. In essential terms, the contrasts among elastic and PUR are warmth and compound obstruction properties, with elastic soles offering more noteworthy opposition. Shoes with elastic soles are subsequently the right decision for territories of use in which these sorts of dangers may emerge. Given that the uvex 1 territory was produced considering lightweight applications, different qualities become possibly the most important factor: for example, the padded sole is produced using a PUR froth as it is lighter than elastic (and even conservative PUR), while additionally offering the wearer altogether enhanced stun retention.