Single Bed Mattress

The Vega Turnkey Projects LLC is the Best Single Bed Mattress Supplier in UAE We can provide our clients the best quality medicated and single bed mattresses that are stitched well and customized according to their requirements. Our Mattresses are of a standard size and can fit upon single and two-tier beds. This implies that our clients can always upgrade from a single bed to a bunk bed without changing the mattress.   The Mattress comes with an additional 5-year warranty so our clients can enjoy peace of mind while purchasing products from us. The single bed mattress is good for the health and provides a sound sleep at night. It is a viable option for firms and individuals who want to purchase in small quantities and wholesale and bulk. Buy our bedding range and enjoy the comfort of having a peaceful sleep at night. The size of the Single Bed is 190x90 cm. It is long lasting and is made from the highest quality of raw material at the most economical prices. Over the period of 15 years, our company has become one of the largest Single bed mattress supplier in the UAE By upgrading the staff accommodation to Single Bed Mattress, employees can sleep not only comfortably but also faster. You don't have to worry about your employees feeling tired and not up to par at work. This staff accommodation mattress has a long side, high quality quilted fabric suitable for all the staff, and can provide enough space to lie down and relax. The standard size for a Single Bed Mattress in 190*90 cm and is used in most staff accommodations and labour camps in UAE. This product is suitable for all types of single beds and bunk beds and can provide an efficient sleeping and accommodation solution for all workers. VEGA Dubai Being the oldest and most prominent Single Bed Mattress Supplier in UAE understands what it's like to sleep on a comfortable mattress that is suitable for health and comfort purposes, and that’s why we provide the best quality mattress for single and bunk beds in UAE. Our products are made from high quality quilted fabric and threading which will last a very long time. The products come with a 5-year warranty which transfers all your tensions to us. If you are looking for a single bed mattress supplier in UAE, then reach out to us at for all your product requirements.