Medical Mattress

The Vega Turnkey Projects LLC is the Best Medical Mattress Supplier in UAE We can provide our clients the best quality medicated and single bed mattresses that are stitched well and customized according to their requirements. Our Mattresses are of a standard size and can fit upon single and two-tier beds. This implies that our clients can always upgrade from a single bed to a bunk bed without changing the mattress.   The Bed Mattress comes with an additional 5-year warranty so our clients can enjoy peace of mind while purchasing products from us. The Mattress is good for the health and provides a sound sleep at night. It is a viable option for firms and individuals who want to purchase in small quantities and wholesale and bulk.  Buy our bedding range and enjoy the comfort of having a peaceful sleep at night. Over the period of 15 years, our company has become one of the largest Medical Mattress supplier in UAE