Hotel Luggage Trolley

The Vega Turnkey Projects LLC. is one of the most prominent suppliers in the UAE of the Hotel Luggage Trolley. VEGA is one of the oldest and most experienced Hotel Supply Companies in the UAE. The Hotel Luggage Trolley is suitable for carrying heavy suitcases and bags. The product is available in Silver, Gold, and Black color which can blend in easily with the indoor environment of premium Hotels and Resorts. The Trolley is made from Heavy Duty Steel with a rust-free coating which allows it to stay in good shape for several years. The Luggage Trolley has 4 super heavy-duty wheels attached to the bottom connected with nuts and is attached firmly to the base of the Equipment. The Luggage Trolley is one of the ideal equipment for all hotels and The Vega Turnkey Projects is the one-stop solution for all your Hotel Requirements.