Golden Queue Stand

Golden Queue Stand Supplier in UAE - The Vega Turnkey Projects LLC. 

When you need to keep people away from a dangerous area, a metal stanchion or bollard is a great choice. The light-weight, cost-effective design makes this ideal for temporary applications such as guarding off zones in construction sites or parking lots, or for more permanent needs such as keeping pedestrians out of hazardous areas.

The Metal Stanchion is a stylish, affordable and safe solution to crowd control, protecting the general public while still preserving the crucial flow of people in an out. The Stanchion is made of a durable metal and can be customized with a choice of different colors.

They're not just for concerts anymore. Our metal stanchions are designed to provide a safe separation between attendees and the stage or other event areas. Whether it's at a concert, festival, playground, or any public event, these stanchions will be sure to keep crowds in line.

The Vega Turnkey Projects LLC is the leading Golden Queue Stand Supplier in the UAE.

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