GN Pans Container

Vega Dubai is a GN Pans Supplier, the product is a revolutionary breakthrough patented, the modern technology of kitchenware that replaces slicers, and graters with silicone cups. Silicone cups have softer, stickier, and more elastic materials than other material except silicon, so the foodstuffs are retained in the cup automatically. Being one of the most established and experienced Gastronorm Pans Supplier in Dubai, Vega Dubai supplies GN Pans which are stainless steel pans with convenient pouring lips and an elevated design to insure food stays in the pan and off the edge. The unique elevated design not only keeps your food in the pan and off the edge, but it also keeps your stove clean too! Say goodbye to scratched pans and hello to GN Pans! Our non-stick, eco-friendly gastronorm pans supplier is designed to reduce the amount of butter or oil needed. As a GN Pans Supplier, an industry leader in nonstick technology, Vega Dubai delivers a guarantee that every pan is dishwasher safe and never needs seasoning. We supply GN pans in wholesale and Bulk quantities so reach out to us for all your product requirements and and we will be more than happy to help you out.