Flag Pole Gold Extendable 3 Mtrs

The Extendable Flag Pole is a telescopic pole for holding your country's flag. It's perfect for people who want a flag in their yard but don't have the necessary space to do so. Just extend the pole and voila, you have an oversized flag on your property! The Extendable Flag Pole is made of durable metal, and it's easy to assemble and disassemble. VEGA is a reputed Flag Pole Supplier. 

Our company is specialized in being the Best Flag Pole Supplier in UAE for more than 10 years.

This flag pole can be adjusted from 2m to 3m in height. It's a perfect banner display for multi-story buildings and areas with height restrictions. This well-made and durable flag pole ensures that your beautiful heritage banner will be proudly displayed for a long period of time without any worries about safety.

The Vega Turnkey Projects LLC. is one of the most esteemed Flag Pole Supplier. 

If you're looking for an extendable flag pole that is rust-proof, durable, and suitable for any weather, look no further. Our stainless steel flag pole is perfect for carrying the flags of a country.

Our high-quality extendable flag pole is the perfect way to show your patriotism to everyone in your neighborhood! The pole is coated with an aluminum finish, which is rust-proof and never needs to be painted. It's also very easy to install and remove, and can be expanded to a 6-foot height.

If you have a requirement for Flag Poles in bulk quantities, please do no hesitate to contact us at sales@thevegauae.com