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Blankets are the perfect gift for almost everyone on your list. They’re comfy, cozy, and an excellent decoration piece. Our diffusers fit your bed or couch size, so you’re covered. We offer high-quality and unique designs: check us out! Vega Dubai is an established blanket supplier in UAE

We here at VEGA want to make you warmer and rounder than ever before. For optimal comfort, warmth, and safety from the elements, we offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and fabrics for every lifestyle. If you’re new in town or looking for that one gift for mom this Mother’s Day, come get cozy with our soft & durable blankets!

Reach out to the best blanket supplier in UAE to fulfill all of your blanket requirements in retails and bulk quantities. Blankets are usually considered items that comfort the human body with a soft and fuzzy texture. Nobody likes being cold at night. Stay warm and toasty warm overnight with our comfy fleece blankets! There are several blanket suppliers in UAE but none can provide services like VEGA DUBAI, which has been in the field for the past 15 years.

One of the largest blanket suppliers in UAE is Vega Dubai which keeps ample stock and provides quick deliveries to all its clients in a limited timeframe.

Reach out to us at for all your product requirements and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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