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We manufacture the world’s most durable, robust, and most effective crowd control products. Our range of products includes Safety Metal Barrier, Metallic Stanchion, Hotel Metal Barrier, Public Place Barrier, Social Distancing Barrier, Metal Hotel Barrier, Airport Barrier, Golden Retractable Barrier, Metal Tensile Barrier, Queue Control Pole, Retractable Belt Stanchion, Retractable Belt Barrier, Retractable Metal Stanchion, Golden Queue Stand, Chrome Metal Barrier, Queue Control Barrier, Crowd Control Stanchion, Tensile Barrier, Queue Control Stanchion and Queue Control Barrier. We also provide a complete service package to meet your needs and budget.

Control crowds with this strong and sturdy metal stanchion that provides you with a hassle-free way to keep people at bay. It is both durable and lightweight, so it can be easily transported from one place to the next. Whether you are looking for a way to direct high-volume traffic, or want to keep rowdy crowds at bay, our range of crowd control equipment will definitely suit your requirements.

Our high-quality standard crowd control equipment is made of metal, ensuring that your safety and security is paramount. Our metal stanchions are sturdy, reliable, and safe. What’s more, we deliver them all across UAE at lightning speed.

With our tensa barriers, you’ll prevent damage to your assets and keep your mind at peace. Be proactive today with our high quality, affordable, and easy-to-install designs VEGA DUBAI.

Tensa barriers can be used to establish a protection perimeter, facilitate highway and airport access control, secure storage areas, and many other applications. Our ultra-high strength tensa barrier can provide added security to keep a designated area secure. Tensile barriers stand upright, so they are easily installed in seconds and removed without any damage or installation needed. If you’re looking for crowd control solutions, our barriers may be what you need.

Queue Barrier Dubai is the perfect tool to quickly and easily create a barricade at any protest, party, or festival! Queue Barrier Dubai is made from high-quality metal that stands in a variety of sizes. It provides a simple and efficient way to keep large crowds under control. Use them at airports, hotels, and institutions. Tensa Barriers safely escort all of your guests, airlines, and other personnel from one place to another.

Encourage a good time at your next event, function, or venue takeovers with our custom Tensa Barriers. There’s no better way to empower people and make an impression than through the use of our sturdy, colorful stanchions. Rewarding and delightful for all those involved, our versatile pieces of equipment are integral for safe ground level pedestrian traffic control and organization.

Reach out to the best retractable metal stanchions supplier in UAE for all your requirements for events and parties for effective crowd control solutions.

Mail us at for all your product requirements and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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