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We are a leading flagpole and retractable tensator barriers and information stands suppliers in UAE that can be used in any weather or event, both indoor and outdoor. The flagpoles are easily adaptable, flexible, and simple to set up. With a retractable tensator metal barrier, you can easily and safely manage crowd flow while maintaining queue order. We have a wide range of usable barricades from international manufacturers that have been developed with accessibility in mind. All of Our metal barriers are stylish, with a tapered base that allows bags and wheelchairs to effortlessly roll over the sides.

We are delighted to be a leading supplier of queue poles, rope and tape barriers, including a full range of plastic and metal barriers, to ensure the highest level of safety and security. Our inventory also features multi-sized signboards that may be used both horizontally and vertically. Choose from a wide assortment of tensator barriers, metal stanchions, queue stands and control poles, signboards, and flag poles, all of which are custom-made to our customer’s specifications for a variety of occasions. Contact our information desk and order now.