Safety Work Wear in UAE

Welcome to GDS-UAE Safety Work Wear in UAE, one of the UAE leading suppliers of Safety Workwears, uniforms, corporate clothing and safety footwear.

Safety Work Wear in UAE


Safety Work Wear in UAE

Safety Work Wear in UAE

We the National Factory had a dream to begin the assembling of wellbeing and armed force footwear in UAE. We are resolved to fabricate the world class item in UAE with help of world’s most recent innovation, utilizing best quality crude material and condition of craftsmanship workmanship.

Our creation innovation is overseen by DESMA Germany, with their ultra-current hardware for making direct Injection PU shoes. The machines are completely programmed and robot controlled with the end goal to keep up the flawlessness in each combine. Our items are best framework of most recent innovation solace and ergonomics to fulfill the requirements of all our esteemed accomplices.

We are occupied with offering shoes as well as continually attempting to comprehend the desire and need of our accomplice with the end goal to persistently enhance ourselves and offer the best shoes to a definitive clients. This can offer the best solace as well as most extreme security and fascination.

We have the CE affirmation done from INTERTEK lab which is very much prestigious in the field. Our shoes meet the guidelines of EN ISO 20345:2011.

Our deals and calculated group is sufficiently talented to convey the correct thing at opportune place.

In a synopsis we endeavor to make each match of shoes by and by as we need to wear the equivalent and we attempt to make our desire as a client, this gives the individual touch to our items.

We esteem our relationship with our accomplices and in this way separated from the item we likewise need to offer the administrations at your doorsteps.

Security shoes (Safety Boots and Footwears ) are intended to mind and ensure feet against a broad assortment of damage and wounds of representatives over all ventures. The basic kind of foot damage is broken feet, removals of toes or feet, Punctures of the bottom of the foot, cuts, consumes, electrical stuns and the sky is the limit from there. The dangers vary as indicated by the working environment and ventures. Assortment of feet wounds counteract by legitimate footwear.

As one of the biggest producers of Safety Shoes in Dubai, UAE, GDS-UAE assume a noteworthy job in ensuring the feet of the world’s laborers. GDS-UAE is the sole wholesaler and stockiest of Safety Shoes in Dubai . Being one of the main mechanical security footwear producers and provider in Europe and Asia. Constantly walking in the present aggressive market, we are perceived as one of the eminent wellbeing shoes maker and providers in UAE. The scope of shoes is designed utilizing unrivaled quality materials that are sourced from solid and affirmed merchants of the business. METAL’s circulates quality wellbeing shoes for development, mining, oil and assembling ventures all through Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Europe.

Speaking to an extraordinary mix of specialized development and ability, GDS-UAE wellbeing shoes are hearty and dependable which enable its laborer to work with a remarkable certainty and solace. Produced to meet wellbeing measures (European Safety Norms) , GDS mechanical security shoes are made utilizing bona fide calfskin uppers and direct infusion P.U soles. It is accessible in two sorts – low lower leg and high lower leg plans.

The GDS-UAE driving Brands, which are most well known on the planet as of now are VOGUE, HUNTER, ECHO, ECHO AND BOLT. The nature of these shoes is overwhelmingly acknowledged by all the renowned organizations in UAE and Middle East.

Owning the right Workwear on location is essential for both wellbeing and expert appearance. Tiger Supplies stock a broad scope of Clothing and Workwear for on the building site, in the workplace and even an extensive variety of leisurewear.

Our General Workwear determination for on location incorporates an assortment of coveralls, kettle suits, pants, warm and considerably more. We are stockists of legitimate and top notch workwear brands including Regatta Professional, Dickies and numerous other workwear producers. Inside our range we have a broad scope of knitted wools and rain coats for those cool and wet winter days. For the hotter seasons – peruse our scope of polo shirts and shirts.

The Safety Experts

With regards to working environment wellbeing, you can never be sufficiently protected! Our scope of security workwear covers a wide assortment of apparel things, for example, shirts, coats, jumpers, intelligent vests, pants, shorts, overalls, caps and extras. Here you will have the capacity to discover many additional’s to secure yourself at work. A portion of the things we offers are knee cushions, extend belts, cook’s garments and considerably more. Regardless of which work you are in, you will discover the work wellbeing highlights you are searching for at RSEA Safety Online.

Sheltered and Comfortable

Your security workwear does need to be sheltered, as well as agreeable. For that very reason, we not just flaunt items with the best wellbeing highlights, however guarantee that they are likewise agreeable to wear. The level of solace can regularly be dictated by the material your attire is produced using. Huge numbers of our work garments are produced using cotton and polyester, which guarantee that the individual wearing it feels sheltered and agreeable. Each model likewise accompanies a level of comfort, including pockets, additional coating, hoods thus significantly more. In the event that you are working outside then a hood and some additional cushioning are certainly prescribed to keep you warm and agreeable. When you pick our security workwear, you can make sure that you will dependably feel good, warm and safe.

Individual Protective Equipment and Work Wear

Its a dependable fact that there are innumerable dangers on an occupation site. From the compelling force of nature and the gear used to synthetic substances and the cutoff points of our capacities (jump at the chance to see during the evening) being set up for anything the activity site can toss at you is an imperative piece of the workday. At GDS-UAE we pride ourselves on being North America’s head supplier of fall insurance, security hardware, and apparatus for at-stature specialists, industry, and development and that is the reason we’ve focused on being your hotspot for the majority of your own defensive gear and work wear. From clothing and make a beeline for hand, eye, and hearing assurance + everything in the middle of, we have what you have to remain sheltered and profitable at work.


The activity site for at-stature laborers, industry, and development is differing and the climate is definitely not unsurprising. That is the reason you should be set up for anything the activity and natural force tosses at you. GDS-UAE is your asset for everything industry attire. From base and mid layer, GDS-UAE marked swag, and howdy vis attire to coats, outerwear, jeans, and shirts we have precisely what you have to remain sheltered and agreeable while at work site.

Base and Mid Layer:

Our determination of base and mid layer attire is your one-stop look for employment site clothing. Regardless of whether you are searching for coats, coats, shirts (both short sleeve and long sleeve), jeans, shorts, and sweatshirts, GDS-UAE has the base and mid layer attire you require. Our determination incorporates things from brands like Ergodyne, Truewerk, Volt, National Safety Apparel, and then some.

Need custom logo rigging to furnish your team and advance your organization at work site? Our base and mid layer determination incorporate a scope of adjustable apparatus. We utilize great custom work shirts. They are accessible in four hues: white, heather dim, howdy viz security yellow, and hello there viz wellbeing orange. When you have chosen the shirt shading, size, and amount you basically transfer your single shading (dark) logo and look at. Logos can likewise be sent to [email protected] if for any reason you couldn’t transfer it with your shirt arrange.

We will add your logo to the chest and the back of the shirt. Regardless of whether your organization logo isn’t super high caliber – our craft office is first rate and will deal with that for you for nothing out of pocket. Least request amounts begin at only 25 shirts. You can equip your entire group or your entire organization. What’s more, recall – the more shirts you purchase, the better the arrangement.

Howdy Vis Apparel:

When chipping away at the activity site there are numerous risks which is the reason GDS-UAE values being here to help protect you while at work. You should be seen at work site to remain safe. Emerge from the group and emerge at work site with our wide determination of howdy vis clothing. Regardless of whether you are searching for class 2, class 3, caps, non-ANSI, rainwear, or vests we have the howdy vis equip you require.

The most imperative piece of selecting howdy vis clothing is knowing whether it should be ANSI agreeable. On the off chance that it needs to be ANSI consistent there are two arrangements that you should know about: class 2 and class 3.

Class 2: Class 2 attire is planned for situations that represent a more serious hazard than those that require Class 1 conventional security yellow or orange clothing. Class 2 clothing is medium estimated due to the ANSI prerequisites. Class 2 attire must have something like 775 creeps of security yellow or orange material and 201 square crawls of intelligent striping.

Class 3: Class 3 attire is expected for unsafe situations and is normally bigger on account of the ANSI necessities. They should have 310 square crawls of intelligent striping and 1,240 creeps of security yellow or orange material.

Non-ANSI: Non-ANSI evaluated outfit implies that it doesn’t meet the prerequisites put forward by ANSI and ought not be utilized in low light circumstances where ensured hello there vis equip is required.





There are couple of things in this world that are as hazardous as the unstoppable force of life. When you wind up in the stomach of winter chilly pressure and hypothermia can wreak devastation on your body. That is the place coats prove to be useful. At GDS Supply, we highly esteem being your Gear Experts® and that implies having a wide determination of various kinds and styles of coats that can help keep you warm regardless of how chilly it gets outside. Our coat choice incorporates single, twofold, and triple layer coats, warm coats, warmed coats, aircraft coats, hello there vis coats, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Coats aren’t the best way to enable battle to the unstoppable force of life. We additionally have a full choice of outerwear. What separates outerwear from other clothing like jeans and shirts? All things considered, the name says everything. Outerwear is proposed to be worn outside of other attire like jeans and shirts. Our choice of outerwear incorporates hoodies, warmed apparel, sweatshirts, coats, rain suits, socks, overalls, ponchos, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.



Jeans are vital – well jeans or shorts that is. Going out on an occupation site without any jeans on isn’t actually sheltered. In addition, not all jeans/shorts are made equivalent. Our full determination of work pants (shorts) will guarantee that you have the rigging you have to take care of business, remain safe, and keep from humiliating yourself at work site.


Shirts are a critical piece of any ppe and work wear setup. They shield your skin from mischief and can assume a significant job in shielding you from natural force. Our substantial determination of shirts highlights all that you have to take care of business and remain safe. From short sleeve and long sleeve to execution wear and greetings vis, GDS Supply is your asset for shirts for both at work and on the end of the week.

Need custom logo apparatus to equip your group and advance your organization at work site? Our shirt choice incorporates a scope of adaptable choices. We utilize superb custom work shirts. They are accessible in four hues: white, heather dark, hello there viz security yellow, and hey viz wellbeing orange. When you have chosen the shirt shading, size, and amount you essentially transfer your single shading (dark) logo and look at GDS, if for any reason you couldn’t transfer it with your shirt arrange.

We will add your logo to the chest and the back of the shirt. Regardless of whether your organization logo is certifiably not a super high caliber – our specialty division is first class and will deal with that for you for nothing out of pocket. Least request amounts begin at only 25 shirts. You can furnish your entire group or your entire organization. Also, recall – the more shirts you purchase, the better the arrangement.

Head Protection:

Head Protection

Securing your skull is an imperative piece of employment wellbeing. Its a dependable fact that working in at-tallness, industry, and development that there are a wide assortment of dangers on a vocation site at some random minute. That is for what reason being proactive about head security ought to be a need for everybody. Our far reaching choice of head insurance hardware incorporates climbing caps, hard caps, knock tops, and an entire slew of adornments.


Our head insurance extra gathering is to a great degree assorted. Regardless of what you are searching for, we have an answer for help you remain safe and take care of business. Our head insurance embellishments incorporate hard cap/cap ties, intelligent strips for included low light perceivability, cuts for expansions, augmentations like face shields, cuts for visors and headlamps, headlamps, froth embeds, sweatbands, substitution suspension, sun defenders, ear muffs, button lashes, winter embeds, cooling towels, and then some.

Knock Caps:


A knock top is a lower bore type of head security. In contrast to hard caps and protective caps, knock tops don’t experience any ANSI testing. That implies they don’t meet ANSI Standards and SHOULD NOT be utilized in circumstances where ANSI evaluated adapt is required or suggested. Knock tops do fill a critical need, however. They are incredible at giving fundamental head insurance. Knock tops look like a baseball hat. The main contrast is that they have a layer of insurance added to the bit of the top that sits over your head.

This defensive layer is extraordinary for minor head knocks and scraped spots. Our determination of knock tops from brands like JSP and Ergodyne arrive in a scope of hues and styles. We likewise have a differed choice of bill lengths and tops that accompany headlamps worked in.

Climbing and Rescue Helmets:

While picking your head protector for your climbing gear setup you ought to think about a scope of components. The best protective cap decisions will incorporate head protectors that are intended for working in vertical positions that include a four-point button tie. Different highlights to search for are electrical protection, movable additions, sweatbands, and ear blunder spaces.

Kinds of Helmets: There are two sorts of head protectors (type 1 and type 2) arranged by ANSI Z89.1-2014 for various levels of assurance. Type 1 protective caps are intended to just take a blow specifically to the highest point of the head. Type 2 head protectors have been intended to lessen the power from parallel effect, for example, an unbalanced and additionally side effect, notwithstanding top effects. These head protectors have unmistakable cushioning on the sides.

Head protector Classes: There are 3 classes (C, E, and G) that determine electrical security. Class C head protectors are viewed as conductive and don’t give any electrical insurance, these are ordinarily vented and just shield laborers from an effect. Class E hard caps offer insurance from high voltage conductors up to 20,000 volts, and can’t have any vents in the structure. Finally, Class G offers security from low voltage conductors up to 2,200 volts, they should likewise be free of gaps for ventilation.

Administration Life: Helmets are not intended to keep going forever. Administration life starts from the time it is put into administration and that date ought to be legitimately marked and archived. The suspension ought to be supplanted every year (following a year) and the protective cap ought to be supplanted after close to 5 years. On the off chance that the head protector manages an effect, it must be resigned promptly regardless of whether there is no unmistakable harm.

Investigation: Proper review ought to be taken each time the protective cap is worn. The suspension ought to be introduced and worn as the producer proposed. Presentation to paint and synthetic compounds may harm the structure of the cap, along these lines steps must be taken to evacuate paint or synthetics after each utilization. Weight delicate, non-metallic stickers and self-sticky tape are ordinarily acknowledged anyway we firmly prescribe you allude to the producer’s details previously applying anything on the surface of the protective cap.

Hard Hats:

Hard Hats

Hard caps share a considerable measure in the same manner as protective caps. Actually, numerous individuals say hard cap when the extremely mean cap and the other way around. While the true objective of both is the equivalent, to shield your noggin from a fall or falling items, there is one primary concern that isolates the two. Protective caps have a four-point jaw lash, while most hard caps don’t. While picking your hard cap for your rigging setup you ought to think about a scope of elements like electrical protection, movable supplements, sweatbands, and ear fumble openings. Hard caps likewise share ANSI Standards and Classes with head protectors, so all that we made reference to above under caps applies to hard caps also.

Hand Protection:

Hand Protection


Your hands are your exchange and securing them is a need. When working in at-tallness, industry, and development the capacity to utilize and secure your hands is an essential an aspect of your responsibilities. All things considered, it is difficult to do what you do each day if your hands were harmed. The activity site is an unsafe place and it is our duty as Gear Experts® to do all that we can to help guard you. Our determination of hand assurance incorporates covered gloves, cut opposition gloves, expendable gloves, economy gloves, warm gloves, exchange gloves, and glove embellishments with the goal that regardless of what the activity site tosses at you, you can be set up to take care of business.


What is a glove adornment? All things considered, our three kinds of glove extras are glove grabbers, glove packs, and glove defenders. Glove grabbers are progressive on the off chance that you will in general lose gloves, or never have a place to set them when you take them off. Our glove grabbers include a belt cut that you just connect to your belt. When you have to remove your gloves, simply join the gloves safely to the grabber, and BAM gloves put away and not lost.

Glove packs fill a comparative need to glove grabbers in that they enable you to transport your gloves and help keep them from getting lost. The enormous distinction between a glove pack and a glove grabber is that the sack offers extra assurance for the glove. Some claim to fame gloves may should be kept out of the components or kept dry. Glove packs can help increment the life expectancy of your gloves.

Glove defenders, then again, (quip expected) offer mechanical insurance for elastic protected gloves. That implies that the defender is worn over the glove to offer cut opposition and insurance from other destructive synthetics. The elastic protected glove is utilized for electrical assurance.

Covered Gloves:

Covered gloves have an extensive variety of employments and happen to be one of our most adaptable classes. Contingent upon the liner and plunge covering these gloves can be utilized for employments running from modern assembling to synthetic obstruction. Most gloves are accessible in a scope of sizes.

Cut Resistant Gloves:

When taking a gander at gloves a standout amongst the most vital things to take a gander at is the way powerful those gloves are at shielding your hands from sharp and rough material. That is the place cut-safe gloves come in. The activity site is no more unusual to sharp edges and spiked metal – that is the reason our Gear Experts® set up together a portion of our most loved cut safe gloves. We include gloves running from ANSI A2 to A4 cut obstruction and even have gloves that are good with your most loved touchscreen gadget.

ANSI as of late refreshed their cut opposition norms – we have you secured there as well. Make certain to look at this blog entry about the ANSI/ISEA 105-16 standard on cut insurance for more data.

Dispensable Gloves:

Dispensable gloves offer single-utilize light hand security from things like fluids, synthetic concoctions, and garbage. As made reference to in the name, these gloves ought not be utilized more than once. It ought to likewise be noticed that while they offer some security, they ought not be utilized in circumstances where a higher gauge or claim to fame glove ought to be utilized.

Our determination of dispensable gloves arrive in a scope of thicknesses and in latex, latex free, powdered, and powder free forms.

Economy Gloves:

Economy gloves are ideal for when the activity doesn’t call for heavier obligation gloves, yet regardless you require a defensive layer staring you in the face. These gloves are lighter and more slender, however that doesn’t mean they can’t shield your hands from earth, residue, grime, and a few synthetic substances.

Warm Gloves:

Natural force as a rule has her very own plans, which implies that we should be arranged regardless of what the climate brings. The exact opposite thing you need to manage while working in chilly conditions is your hands solidifying. Cool hands can make working troublesome and squander profitable time at work site. That is the reason our Gear Experts® have assembled a scope of warm gloves. Our determination of warm gloves incorporate an assortment of styles and hues and will keep your hands warm and dry while giving ideal hold and aptitude, even on cold surfaces.

Because the climate is chilly doesn’t mean your hands must be. Do you require sliced opposition or the capacity to utilize a touchscreen gadget with your warm gloves on? Try not to stress, we have you secured there as well. With ANSI sliced opposition going from A2 to A4 and touchscreen good gloves we are here to enable you to take care of business regardless of the circumstance.

Exchange Gloves:

Exchange gloves are intended for the general population who take care of business. With many particular choices to look over, you’ll locate the correct exchange gloves you requirement for any application. Regardless of whether you require hostile to vibration gloves, high effect gloves, climbing gloves, or fingerless gloves – we have them all. A considerable lot of our exchange gloves likewise offer extra advantages that protect you from unforgiving conditions as well as help lessen the impacts of the unstoppable force of life at work.

Our exchange gloves offer numerous highlights including water obstruction, cut opposition, scraped area obstruction, and climate obstruction. Exposed to the harsh elements of winter having a warm protected glove that likewise includes the sliced obstruction you have to take care of business can be the distinction between “one more day in heaven” and “the most noticeably awful day at work yet”.

Eye Protection:

Eye Protection

Your eyes – some allude to them as windows to the spirit. Others essentially utilize them to see. In any case, it’s difficult to contend that your vision isn’t critical. When working in at-stature, industry, and development there is no lack of risky circumstances, materials, and synthetic concoctions that can be flying around the activity site throughout the day, consistently. With your eyes being a vital piece of your calling, guarding them is a need. That is the reason eye insurance is such a critical piece of your PPE setup.

Eye security is accessible in three primary classes (Face Shields, Safety Glasses, and Safety Goggles). Underneath we will plot a portion of the key contrasts between every strategy for assurance, however before we do we should discuss what really makes security glasses… safe.

Anybody can guarantee that their eye insurance is protected – that is the reason guidelines have been set up. In particular, the ANSI Z87.1 Standard for eye security. The Z87.1 Standard frameworks what prerequisites security glasses must meet and in addition how they ought to be tried.

The ANSI Z87.1 Standard has four diverse qualifying tests. On the off chance that the eye assurance finishes the main test, they meet the Z87.1 Standard. This implies they are great assurance, however not extraordinary as this test does not qualify the glasses for use in effect danger circumstances. On the off chance that you will be doing work where there is or may be, an effect danger your glasses must meet the rest of the 3 tests. On the off chance that it does, it will have the Z87+ stamping.

Once in a while there are employments that require much more insurance than the Z87+ Standard requires. That is the place military review eye security ought to be utilized. The MIL-PRF 32432 Standard speaks to that the eye insurance has passed an extra round of testing.

For more data on the ANSI Z87.1, Z87+, and MIL-PRF 32432 Standards and for points of interest on the testing procedure, look at our blog entry here.

Face Shields:

Face Shields

A face shield is… SPOILER ALERT a shield that covers your face. Face shields can have a couple of various purposes. While a considerable lot of them go about as both a couple of security glasses and a defensive covering for your face, some of them include a wire work rather than a focal point. Face shields that include a wire work are intended to shield your face and eyes from substantial particles and trash. Note that wire work confront shields don’t have any kind of rising advantage and many don’t meet any ANSI measures.

Some face shields are worked for claim to fame applications like welding. Welding face shields for the most part have two arrangements – an unmistakable setup and a welding design. The welding setup includes a focal point that has been particularly created to shield your eyes from the extreme light produced when welding. Many welding shields additionally have respiratory highlights to enable channel to out synthetic concoctions.

Security Glasses:


Security Glasses

Security Glasses

Security glasses arrive in a scope of sizes, hues, shapes, and focal point tents. While shading and shape are regularly includes that depend on your inclination, size and focal point tents can have the effect when wearing security glasses. Size of the wellbeing glasses influences how agreeable they are and the amount of your eyes they ensure. While focal point tent offers distinctive alternatives like enemy of mist, indoor, open air, enraptured, and a scope of different advantages.

Most wellbeing glasses are “universally handy” implying that they can be utilized at work and on the ends of the week. Our choice of wellbeing glasses additionally incorporate glasses that can change into goggles. It is critical to specify that while security glasses are exceptionally adaptable, there are forte applications, such as welding, that will require eye insurance past the abilities of wellbeing glasses.

Security Goggles:

Security goggles frequently seem to be like wellbeing glasses. Truth be told, some security glasses can change into wellbeing goggles. Also that like wellbeing glasses, security goggles, arrive in a scope of sizes, hues, shapes, and focal point tents. While shading and shape are commonly includes that are best on your inclination, size and focal point tents can have the effect when wearing wellbeing glasses. Size of the security glasses influences how agreeable they are and the amount of your eyes they ensure. While focal point tent offers diverse alternatives like enemy of mist, indoor, outside, energized, and a scope of different advantages.

In any case, what sets security goggles separated? All things considered, that needs to do with the manner in which that they goggles are joined to your head and that they are so tight to your skin. Security goggles are nearer fitting than wellbeing glasses and most ordinarily have a type of obstruction (like froth or elastic) that shuts the hole between the plastic and your skin. They likewise include side shields that shield your eyes from synthetic substances, residue, water, and the sky is the limit from there.

Hearing Protection:

Hearing Protection

Your hearing is a critical piece of your life. Being around noisy hardware and apparatuses can make huge harm your inward ear and cause incomplete or even aggregate hearing misfortune. Also that earth, dust, and different dangerous materials can get into your ear and cause an entire scope of various issues. Keeping your ears and your hearing secured while at work site is a multifaceted piece of a legitimate PPE setup.

That is the place our determination of hearing security proves to be useful. We have a scope of various hearing security gear like ear muffs, ear attachments, and ear plug allocators.

Ear Muffs:

Ear muffs are a type of hearing insurance that is set over the ears. They offer a higher, more total type of hearing insurance. Our choice of ear muffs incorporate forms that can be worn independent from anyone else or mounted to a hard cap. Regardless of what your circumstance is, we have the ideal match of ear muffs to ensure that your ears and your hearing are secured regardless of what the activity tosses your direction.

Ear Plug Dispensers:

In the event that you get yourself and your team experiencing a lot of customary in the ear plugs then an ear plug allocator can make your life less demanding and spare significant time. Ear plug gadgets hold a lot of ear plugs and can be mounted to a divider for included accommodation.

More often than not when individuals hear “hearing insurance”, ear plugs are the primary thing they consider. Ear plugs are the main line of barrier with regards to hearing security. They arrive in a scope of various materials and styles, giving adaptability with the goal that you can pick the ideal match regardless of what challenges the activity site or other PPE may bring. Our determination of ear plugs incorporates dispensable and reusable forms and also remain solitary, corded, and grouped ear plugs.


We realize that you have pride in your activity. For you, your activity is something other than a calling, it’s a way of life. That is the reason we have a full line of custom GDS-UAE “Move HIGHER” Gear. Our choice incorporates specially crafted T-shirts ideal for work or a night out with companions. Our T-shirts are agreeable, tough, and they look great, as well! We don’t simply stop shirts, however, we likewise include a choice of stickers, shoes, and caps so you can redo nearly your whole closet.

Its a dependable fact that the climate is definitely not unsurprising and that each activity site requires something new or distinctive regularly. Here at GDS-UAE, we are your asset for everything industry attire. From base and mid layer, GDS-UAE marked swag, and hey vis attire to coats, outerwear, jeans, and shirts we have precisely what you have to remain sheltered and agreeable while at work site