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Steel BunkBeds

Our steel bunk beds, bunker beds, and double bunker beds are built to make the most of available space. We use high-quality metals for mattress bases, poles or pillars, to ensure endurance and lifetime support.

Plastic Furniture and Office Furniture

Our office and plastic furniture are made from good quality plastic PVC that seldom breaks and comes in a range of styles that vary according to the comfort factor.

PPE/Safety Work Wear

From our exclusive selection of custom-made safety wear, along with important safety gear, you can find a variety of personal protective equipment for construction workers, healthcare workers, and more.

Hotel Equipment’s and Bed and Bath Linen

Our line of hotel equipment and accessories comprises a full range of furniture and bedding accessories, i.e., mattresses, pillows, bedsheets, and blankets.

House Keeping Equipment

We offer a range of housekeeping equipment required for day-to-day use, such as high-quality, lightweight, and easy-to-clean cleaning trolleys, including steam vacuum and steam vapor cleaning equipment.

Queue Barrier and Information Stands

From our versatile range of products, we provide crowd control-barrier tape stands, information stands, retractable queue barriers, flag poles, and sign boards.

Staff Accommodation and Camp Furniture Equipment

We are a leading supplier of wholesale staff accommodation furniture in Dubai, from verified dealers and distributors, we supply the best quality bunk beds, blankets, mattresses, pillows, steel lockers, single beds, heavy duty bunk beds, and more.

Catering Equipment and Food Serving Trays

We provide one of the largest ranges of quality commercial kitchen equipment in Dubai and across the UAE. This includes everything from GN pans and chafing dishes to tea and juice dispensers, water boilers, air pots, and all the items from the best international brands in restaurant, kitchen, and cafe equipment at the best prices.

Waste Bins

We are one of the best recycle bin and waste bin suppliers in the UAE, offering a massive collection of bins that are highly functional in disposing of everyday household and commercial standard waste.


Bunk Bed Suppliers Dubai

Vega Turnkey Projects is an established supplier of labor camp furniture in Dubai and across the UAE. Our product range features commercial-grade steel bunk beds, steel cupboards, loft beds, heavy-duty bunk beds, and more designed for staff and hostel settings. Backed by a reputable team with in-depth knowledge of the industry, we strive on offering long-lasting, durable, and maintenance-free products that are unrivaled in the industry. Moreover, we also provide high-quality materials to labor camps on a short-term basis, guaranteeing on-time delivery and ensuring that all goods are supplied per our client’s requirements. Across our line of services, our professional team is dedicated to providing consistent value and sustainability.

To stipulate our customized services to as many clients as possible, we provide single bunk beds, steel lockers, cabinets, blankets, pillows, and pillow covers, as well as electronics and appliances. In addition, our team is well-equipped to provide comprehensive solutions to laborers with our safety shoes and helmets, along with first-aid kits, ensuring a safe working environment for everyone. Get in touch with us today to place an order.

Double Bunk Bed Suppliers in Dubai

Are you searching for surface-effective solutions to save more space and provide better sleeping solutions for your staff? We got your back! Whether you’re in need of a cozy sleeping space for two people or a tailored solution for those who are working hard on the side, a well-informed choice can make all the difference. Our double decker bed Dubai is just the thing you need! We offer a double Decker Bed Dubai which provides a great sleep experience and plenty of comforts.

Your search for double bunk bed suppliers in Dubai can be halted here as we can cater to your requirements. With a vast clientele and an experience of more than 15 years in the accommodation industry, we are specialized in providing accommodation solutions to our clients for their labour and staff accommodation needs. With ample stocks and quick delivery, we assure you of maximized satisfaction. We are one of the best double bunk bed supplier in Dubai with a reputation backed by hundreds successfully completed projects and satisfied clients.
Sleep worry-free with Bunker Bed Dubai–the world’s safest bunk bed. Built from durable materials that’ll last you years, this corrosion-resistant, anti-rust masterpiece will keep users happy without any issues of noise or compromised safety.

With Bunker Bed Dubai, you’ll never have to wake up on a creaky bed again. The steel design is rust-proof, durable, and will last longer. Comfortably hold your mattress in place using the extra wide, heavy-duty frame that can easily and efficiently accommodate a single mattress measuring 190*90 cm.

VEGA Dubai is a registered wholesale supplier for Bunk Bed UAE. Buy a high-quality bunk bed in UAE and never again worry about sturdiness or rust. Our Bunk Beds are made from the highest quality, durable materials for double safety including hooks and clamps which make the product last even longer. Our anti-rust paint is 10x better than any other accommodation brand in UAE which increases the lifespan of the bed in homes, hotels, and staff accommodations as well as makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Bunk Bed Dubai is your ideal bunk bed for labour camps in Dubai. Breathe a bed day’s good night’s sleep in a sturdy iron structure with high-quality paints for years of use. The steps are incredibly safe with a durable edge, hooks, and clamps to hold the bed firmly to the ground. Available in different sizes and colors, have this bunk bed at home or outdoors.

Your search for the best bunk bed in Dubai has just ended. Exclusive to only one distributor in UAE, Bunk Bed Dubai has all the features to provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep. Made from tough steel, it can last for up to 15 years with rigorous use. Not just that, it can be used for both residential and commercial purposes so make yourself comfortable!

The Vega Turnkey Projects is one of the best Bed Supplier in UAE. We supply a range of bunk beds and single beds to all labour camps and staff accommodations in the UAE. Our products provide an efficient solution for all contracting and construction companies who wish to provide a secure and effective solution for all their workmen.

If you are looking for a Bed Supplier in UAE, look no more. We can provide you with a complete range of all items for labour accommodation. Our product range includes Bedding Materials and Steel Furniture such as Bunk Beds, Steel Lockers, and all kinds of metal camp furniture.

Your search for the perfect bunk bed is all over now. Dubai, UAE Based company, VEGA DUBAI has beds for sale in Dubai and other GCC countries. VEGA understands that you want safety, durability, and affordability, which is exactly what we provide. Our beds are made of quality materials! They’re designed with safety in mind so you don’t have to worry about any accidents. Whether in Dubai or any other country in the world, if you need a durable yet affordable bunk bed, we’re here for you!

Beds for sale in Dubai are the best products for furnishing your camp for efficient storage and space-saving. VEGA DUBAI, one of the most prominent Bunk Bed Suppliers, can provide you with the best and most competitive Bunk Bed Price in Dubai. Our Products are manufactured in China in the safest working conditions with the most heavy-duty materials. Our Double Decker Bunk Bed is durable, strong, and rust free which will add value to your organization. Feel free to finish your camps with the Double Decker Bunk Bed worry-free as it’s a one-time investment towards your growth.

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Quality Products

As one of the prominent bunk bed supplier companies in Dubai, we take pride in offering affordability with no compromise on quality. Our products are reliable and durable, giving you value for money.



We will help make the right choices for size and configuration that will work right for our customers. We supply, deliver, and install all kinds of equipment at any location you request.



Our strong sense of commitment means that we constantly strive to provide solutions to our clients with professionalism and expertise.


John Mathew 

We are catering company and we do regularly buy heavy duty kitchen utensils and food service utensils from this supplier. We highly recommend because of friendly and cooperative staff and their flexibility for serving us in time of urgent needs to manage our operations. Thank you and all the best for GDS

Lisa Smith 

We have purchased Steel Bunk Beds, Steel Lockers, Mattress Etc. for our Staff Accommodation,
We are very happy with their professional and friendly management and staff along with best prices and on time delivery,
We highly recommend this supplier.

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